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When You Rise

I remember being in school, probably in the late 1980s, and getting a copy of a music tape from a friend. There was a song on the recording that just stuck with me, and I remember writing out the lyrics and memorizing the song, and to this day, I sing it often to and for myself. I can no longer find the song — not a recording, not the lyrics, no sign of it whatsoever. So I’ll share the lyrics here in hopes that they will be an encouragement to someone else, and if you know anything about this song and its origin, or if I’ve misremembered or misunderstood anything here, please contact me.

When you rise up from your bed
And you start to look ahead
At the dawning of another day
There are problems to be met
Promises that must be kept
And you know that there is no delay
There are decisions that won’t wait any longer
But you know that now you have no time to think them over
Still, no matter, come what may
You must face the coming day
So you rise and go along your way

Did you forget you have Jesus
Walking there by your side
And did you think that with your problems
He would just run away and hide
All your burdens He’ll make light
And your troubles He can right
If with Him you’ll only talk it over
Oh, to have this peaceful bliss
All you have to do is this
Just get up with Jesus on your mind

And when the day is done
And you face the setting sun
Are you pleased with how the day turned out
Were your worries all in vain
Did you lose more than you gained
Is that why you’re now so down and out
You would think that we would learn our lesson
That we don’t have to carry all these burdens and depressions
But we go off to our bed
Thinking of the day ahead
And our minds are filled with cares and dreads

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