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Two Months

Dear Jake,

It’s January 6th, 2021 — two months without your mom’s daily presence, the longest two months of my life.

Mom and Jake snuggling

I’ve updated a seemingly endless number of accounts while simply closing other accounts, profiles, phone lines, etc. I’ve answered the same questions for people over and over again. I’ve exchanged countless phone calls and letters with Social Security and other government organizations.

I’m trying to get back into” routines that should be familiar but now feel completely new and different — work, school, parenting, cooking, cleaning, maintaining, organizing. I’m realizing how much I don’t know or underestimated about things your mom did. I’m appreciating how much she loved us and everyone in her life.

I’m relying on God’s continued strength and peace while finding comfort in the encouragement and support of family and friends. I’m holding on to God’s promises and looking forward to future reunions.

And I’m thankful for you. Every day you make me smile.

Posted on 2021-01-06   #Melissa Dunn  

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