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What I’m Doing Now

This is my Now page.


My father-in-law’s 74th birthday 🎉 is today!

Personal Development

I’m continuing to work on personal financial management — I feel like I’m doing well on consistently journaling my expenses, which is giving me good insight into overall spending habits and where I can make improvements in the future. I’m also doing some separate things to track my gasoline/fuel ⛽ expenses.

Otherwise, I continue to record and connect everything in Obsidian. This past week I did quite a bit of reading and note-taking on early church history and the Church Fathers.


📚 I read books. I’m currently reading How to Be Free: An Ancient Guide to the Stoic Life, by Epictetus, translated by A. A. Long. I’ve had a multi-year fascination with Stoicism that is having a positive impact on my mental health. 🧠

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