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Made to Last

This website and its pages were Made to Last, following the recommendations laid out by Jeff Huang:

  1. Return to vanilla HTML/CSS — All pages are created in Markdown (.md), and styling applied via CSS.
  2. Don’t minimize that HTML — There’s no HTML to minimize.
  3. Prefer one page over severalOK.
  4. End all forms of hotlinking — Never started.
  5. Stick with native fonts — I cheat a little bit here. I do use the recommended font sets from System Font Stack, but because CSS makes it possible, I pull in a font from Google as the first option for text.
  6. Obsessively compress your imagesOK.
  7. Eliminate the broken URL riskOK.

Hosting is provided by blot.im, and files are backed up to Dropbox.

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