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My Dad, the Math Superhero

I had a flashback memory earlier today from when I was a young boy, eating at Bill Knapp’s restaurant with my family. This was back in the day when the orders were handwritten in pencil on a paper order pad by the server, using whatever abbreviations they and the kitchen crew had worked out.

Guest Check

At the end of the meal, the server would bring that same order sheet to the table, now the bill,” with the math calculated manually in pencil by the server. And then my Dad would double-check the math in his head.

Occasionally there would be a dispute over the math, and in my memory, my Dad was always right.

But mainly I just thought it was so cool that he could do all of that math in his head, and I couldn’t wait for the day when I would be able to do that, too.

He was a Math Superhero.

And now I have an iPhone that will do the math for me… 😅

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